My Journey into Fintech

Growing up in Brazil and moving to Sweden- almost 4 years ago - was a big step for me. Perhaps the scariest and most rewarding of all the things I did in my life so far. Scary, because I left all my family and friends behind to start something new, in a country on the “other side of the world”. Rewarding, because of all the great things I am able to have living in Sweden and all the things I was able to learn and see from the people I met along the way.

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Helena Samaras
Fintech Calling

As a marketer, technology has alway played a large part of my life. Back in 2005 when I first started my “grown up” career in Australia and New Zealand, I was integrating things like MySpace and 2nd Life into my marketing strategy. Then, when I moved to Sweden in 2007, I started working for a digital marketing company, leveraging platforms like Digg, Twitter, Reddit and StumpleUpon to drive commercial value, as part of my role as a “New Media Specialist”. Things have changed a lot since then, and those platforms have either disappeared or morphed into something else.

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Raiha Buchanan